Hospital Stay

Grammie checked into the hospital (on her own rather than via squad) yesterday morning at 5:30am. The surgery lasted about 30 minutes. They just made a couple of tiny incisions and pulled out her appendix.

She slept most of the day yesterday and she slept through the night. She ate yesterday.. started with jello and moved up to scrambled eggs then soup… she said she didn’t think it was possible for a place to have food worse than the Forum, but she found it. ..even salt couldn’t fix it.

Last night she had one episode of having difficulty getting her breath but that went away once she was able to relax. This morning she had an episode of chest pain right after the nurse gave her something to lower her blood pressure. The pain didn’t go anywhere it was just in the right side of her chest. I think the nurse said she gave her hydroxyzine. Her bp went down from 170/? to 130/?. They did an EKG and some blood work.. some docs from the surgery team came in and one listened to her heart. He said it sounded fine. She is sleeping now.

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Grammie Updates

I thought this would be a good place we could write Grammie updates so we all know what is going on. Each day I’ll set up a new blog post and we can write comments for that day so share information.. like which doctors came in, what they had to say.. tests she had, results, etc.

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